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Savvy's Pirate Art meme anew by Nautical-Nieky Savvy's Pirate Art meme anew by Nautical-Nieky
In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day here's my redo of *Captain-Savvy's Pirate meme!
Jolly TLaP, mateys!! :iconahoyplz:

I drew the answers on paper with pencils, scanned them and pasted them in the meme, digitally, or pasted the answers between them from the original meme...

:skullbones: Used a tracing parchment paper to get the lines that stay the same from the first answer in the 2nd answer.

:skullbones: That be th' actual hat I assembled fer our wedding day in answer 3!

:skullbones: That be a mounted narwhal trophy hanging on the wall with me hat on its horn in answer 4! So wrong, but a nod to Club 41 in Tales of Monkey Island. Me *Captain-Savvy drew the splash of rum in our mugs, tharrr... I be lovin' me some turkey leg... mmm...

:skullbones: That be Sybil, Darby carrying rum soaked me in answer 5. & Stinky Bill carrying me hat (he were probably th' one putting me hat on that narwhal in th' first place) and more rum fer Darby (he'll be in need o' carrying soon enough also). Appearing with permission from *Captain-Savvy. Sybil be not amused...

:skullbones: Finally tharr be an excuse ta draws me "Barrel o' Rage" special attack in answer 6! A term that were conceived fer meself when people be aggravating me & the rage filled me like an explosive barrel. Then that analogy became me special move, consisting o' throwin' a barrel o' rum into a group o' enemies (in this case they be living skeleton pirates (cuz they be fun ta draw)) then shootin' it to make it 'splode and spill out liquid burn on them! Yarrrr! 'Splosion drawn here based on explosive danger signs.

:skullbones: O' course *Captain-Savvy, me wife, be me most precious treasure :heart: Pose referenced from the Swashbuckler movie poster (with Robert Shaw against Peter Boyle). I be not right-handed, but I be needin' th' strength o' me left hand to hold th' 2 of us up. Also that be not me scabbard, that be me Cap'n's, I left mine with me coat.

:skullbones: The Bokor Pepper, drawn mostly off th' top o' me head, an' I think it be pretty accurate, fer what's shown. Skeleton mermaid figurehead idea were submitted by *Captain-Savvy...

:skullbones: Wanted to draw an 'animated' stlye Jack Sparrow in cursed form. As far as I be knowing, tharr ain't been no doing this afore (maybe his chin be too long, but o'erwise I be pretty happy o' how 'e turned out) O' course I confused 'im fer one o' the livin' skeleton pirates, but Sav be correctin' me.

:skullbones: By this time Sav with 'er meme be a pirate queen, taking on hundreds o' crew members thru 'er meme & givin' them all tharrr own ships, captured from enemies, then tellin' them they be owing 'er money (what fer, anyway? Did she buy th' drinks in #4? (she be probably pickpocketing ye anyway, tellin' ye "hey, there's Jack Sparrow!" ta distract ye, like ye ole' three-headed monkey trick)) So 'ere she be on 'er pirate throne on a pile o' booty, making mates give up (part o' their) their loot at gunpoint :XD: I be wed to 'er already anyhow, so all that be mine be 'ers anyway, so tharr I be givin' up me loot willingly. (I just be realizin' I fergot ta check th' details o' me coat... ah well)

:skullbones: Bonus panel! :thumbsup::pirate: Failed attempt at #5. Same idea, but I couldn't get the angle to work, still I be hatin' ta throws it away, so there it be, tagged on th' end with all its faults (an' wi'out Stinky Bill & Sav's ship as I'd intended) Hurray barrel, tho! Sybil be not amused still.
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jijikit Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Finally getting through months of deviations and messages! This is cool and cute! Great job! :w00t:
Nautical-Nieky Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013   General Artist
I know the feeling of wading through the things you missed over a period :aww: Thanks for stopping by my work, though, and your kind comment :D It was long due that I re-did this ^^;
dragondoodle Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it :giggle:
Nautical-Nieky Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012   General Artist
Thank you! :peace::pirate: Also for the faves :bow:
Captain-Savvy Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so AWESOME! I love it!!! Sybil looks great, and annoyed as she usually is with drunken sailors XD And you are right, Darby will need to be carried soon... but who will help Sybil haul him? :giggle:
Your wedding outfit was amazing, and thank you for drawing me into your meme! Especially the last question... Aye, I be the pirate queen XD All shall love me an despair, or be keelhauled!

Love you so much :love: Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Nautical-Nieky Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012   General Artist
Thank you, sweetie :aww: I'm glad you approve :heart:
There's only Stinky Bill to help carry us, but he won't be much help :giggle: She'd probably toss us off the docks into the water to sober up & make us swim after the ship when we do :XD:
And awww, no meme would be complete without you, my despair-inducing pirate queen :peace:;p
I love you so deeply! :smooch::heart:
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